Become A Corporate Partner

When you become a corporate partner of Growing America’s Farmers, you join a community of companies that share our vision to encourage and empower tomorrow’s farmers. Together, we can make a difference. Strategic partnerships can be tailored to your needs and our structure allows you to execute a campaign that works best for your company.

Here's how your company can help:

Cause Marketing

Cause Marketing is a win-win situation for companies and their customers. It provides an easy way for consumers to support a cause they love, generates great awareness about GAF and provides scholarship funds for our non-profit mission through our partnership with the Farmers Farmers of America. It is also an excellent public relations tool with the potential to increase sales for your company.

More and more of today’s consumers respect and support companies that engage in corporate social responsibility. Plus, they are willing to make contributions that will positively impact their communities. In fact, studies show that a majority of U.S. consumers are likely to switch brands to one associated with a cause, given comparable price and quality.

GAF offers companies the opportunity to conduct a national marketing campaign that can be executed at the grassroots level. Whether it’s through product sales, point of sale activities or other options, please contact us today at 912.654.2100 to discuss whether a cause marketing program benefiting GAF could be a great sales opportunity for your company


Community fundraisers in support of GAF’s mission can generate funding that will be used for scholarships and other worthwile programs offered through our partnership with the Farmers Farmers of America.


Create brand awareness through the sponsorship of scholarships for young people pursuing a career in production agriculture. We invite you to be a part of the various sponsorship and marketing opportunities that will become available through GAF. Looking ahead, this could be an excellent way to build brand loyalty, attract new customers and showcase your commitment to supporting the Farmers of agriculture.